Starting from scratch is a crazy endeavor, but you already know that.


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All the tiny pieces that have to be put into place for things to run smoothly, the nightmare logistics of it all, the learning curves, working around the road blocks, the being alone, the things you forgot, the things you didn’t know, the growing before your ready, the not growing when it’s time, the problem of how to make it happen without loosing your passion, the keeping on going even when you’re dead tired because you love it, and you do love it or you wouldn’t be doing it, because it is hard.

Working with a coach is a commitment of precious time, energy and finances. Would it be worth it?

Here is what those in business say about coaching as reported by the International Coach Federation, a leader in coaching research.

70%  report improved work performance.

61% report improved business management.

57% report improved time management.

51% improved in team effectiveness.

Success of coaching is measured in two ways: external and  internal.

External measures of success would be seen in the completion of goals set at the beginning of the coaching relationship, and are measurable. These might be an increase in income or revenue, achieving expansion goals, higher productivity and efficiency or higher performance as reported by colleagues, customers or employees.

Internal success is measured with self-scoring assessments taken regularly throughout the coaching process and show changes in things such as self-awareness and awareness of others, shifts of thought that create more effective actions, and gains in confidence and emotional satisfaction.

For an entrepreneur, time is indeed money.  To make the most of your time, consider what you need and want in a coach as well as the length of time you would like to spend in coaching. Talk about this fully with your coach before your formal agreement.

Lightfoot Coaching holds to the highest ethical standards set by the International Coach Federation. We take your success as seriously as you do.


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