When people ask me what I do I say, “I help people listen to their own heart.”

Because, when this happens, you are the best gift to yourself, and others, and the world that you could ever be.

And, I know dreams do come true…

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…even in the middle of uncertainty, feeling unable and even in the middle of your dreams dying.

I know this because my dreams died. Five years ago I had the unfortunate experience of my 25 year marriage breaking apart. I wasn’t going to grow old with the same man, we weren’t going to be that wonderful old couple for grandchildren to come visit, our family was broken.  Shortly after that, I launched the last of my four children into the world and suddenly was on my own for the very first time in my life.  Then, MY world stopped. It was too much. Every evening I came home to a lonely house filled only with memories. I’d walk the echoey rooms with an aching heart, staring into a dark void that was once a life I loved. For the first time ever I was unmoored. All the little life hooks I had hung my identity on were gone, I didn’t know what I wanted, who I was or who I wanted to be. But I did know this one thing, I hated my life.

Do I sound a bit dramatic? That’s exactly how it felt.

Looking for answers I worked with a coach who got the wheels turning, then the next few years sifted through all the voices of the world finding my own single voice, paying attention to my passions and figuring out how I fit into the world. I gave myself time and grace and kicked my own butt when I needed to. On the long road I found the power of allowing the process and the gift it was to myself and other people.

These days, I wake up excited. “What’s going to happen today?”

That’s why I coach. Coaching is powerful in helping people figure out why they were made, how to pursue their passions, and help the people they love. Coaching clears up confusion, brings clarity and gives people support to move forward.

I know what it feels like to be afraid, terrified, out of resources, confused and empty. I am familiar with deep, deep grief. I have been stuck, not knowing what I wanted or how to get there.  And I know how to change things when there seem to be no answers. I’ve done it.

 Who do I like to coach?

  • People in personal transition:  looking for newness in life, needing to find a way.
  • Entrepreneurs, Starters, Developers: I am a builder, a starter, having owned two home businesses, co-founded one non-profit and founded another. Seeing things grow from nothing, spring to life or built slowly over time, is a delight. 
  • Parents: This is one of my deep passions. My four kids spurred me into a long term personal study of how to parent fantastic, unique, intricate people. Now all grown up, my relationship with them is fabulous even with all the ups, downs and complicated twists and turns of life. Parenting is the most fun thing I’ve ever done. 
  • Adventurers. Do you ever feel as if life has lost it’s pizzaz, is hum drum and you are merely checking the boxes each day? It’s time for an adventure. Big or small, with money or with none, adventures can be found and add tremendous value and fun to life. Check out travel adventures, my favorite type of coaching.

Other things I love:

The heady thrill of a new experience. This love has me packing at least a few lives into my one. Though existence can be terribly hard and excruciatingly confusing, with a flip of the coin it can be oh so much fun. Taste life and see that it is fun. I meet with the great outdoors every chance I get. I  hike, run, cycle, snowboard and photograph passionately, which means I do them a lot-not that I’m that I’m good at them. Fabulous food is always to be appreciated. I AM good at eating. I backpack the world for long periods of time and even though I’m seriously kind to animals, I’ve been bitten by a dog with rabies, two snakes, and a skunk named Lewis. I’m Learning to ride a motorcycle. I do not do yoga. Yet. 

My family: The loves of my life. I’d better not get started on this one. I’d go all day.

Work: My goal is to love my work so much it flows into my life and I have a great time with all of it.  Combine that with my quest for doing new things, I now have a hearty seasoned soup of work experience. The base of my professional pyramid is a bachelors degree in nursing and I’ve practiced many years. After that there was running the businesses and starting the non-profits and being a parent of four, but still somehow I’ve squeezed in time to be a writer and commentator for Public Radio, a personal trainer, a pedicab driver, a ski lift operator, an aerobics instructor, an organizer and facilitator for women’s groups and a public speaker.  

People. The wonderful, beautiful, unique, story telling people in my life, my closest friends and those that I meet each day walking down the street or at the store. Everyone is a gift to the world, some just don’t know it yet.

Laughter. Life is too short not to

Seeing People So Delighted With Life. Which is why I coach. Because when I see things happen for you, I just get so excited. Having had 30 years of formal and informal coaching experience, I am trained and continue to be trained with Coach U, practicing under the ethical standards of the International Coach Federation.

Check out my personal page: http://lilylightfoot.com

What, at the core of your soul, do you know is your special gift to the world, if only you could do it? I think you can.