June 2016

So, if you can’t make it to the gym…

Real life is just so amazing. Like this... by simply imagining exercising we can get stronger. This is not mumbo jumbo. Legit science has proven this and I've shared the links below. Here's another one... When we take a placebo, even when we know it’s a placebo, the body can have the same chemical reactions as it would to the [...]

Serve Tea

My happiest times have been when I help someone’s day get better. In those moments when I am self-forgetful and delighting in someone being happy, I am changed.Transformed. Me. Down to my bones. Even the tiniest acts of kindness count. The people I cared about change, I change too, then little ripples flow out and the world changes because we [...]

April 2016

Travel Desk: When You Climb a Volcano

One part of life is knowing your limits. Another part of life is testing them. Push your limits and you feel challenged, exhilarated, like you are bursting with life. Which is why you sign up for the overnight volcano hike even though that big, strong 30 year-old guy said it was the hardest thing he had ever done, “and I’ve [...]

March 2016

What Deep Grief Did For Me

This morning I was cooking oatmeal and saw a tiny black ant move towards the red-hot eye of the stove. Curious, I watched him ramble closer and closer. Surely he would not be so dumb as to venture too near and burn himself to a crisp? Then he hit it, the brick wall of heat. Stopping dead in his little [...]

February 2016

Making Time Stop

  Does falling into the Grand Canyon count as a near death experience? Cause I almost did it.  I took a wrong trail and, shouldering a heavy backpack, ended up free-climbing a cliff.  When I got to the top, my pack caught a low lying branch of a pine tree and the counter force pushed me backwards. I slid on [...]

January 2016

The Renewable You

    "I'm making good progress in my life, I'm on a good road, I'm doing all these good things for me... I just always stay on the edge of feeling frazzled, all the time." That's what my coachee said this morning on our coaching call. I know how she feels. Today I sprang out of bed ready to go! But yesterday, I rolled [...]

Trying Not To Chicken Shit

  When each of my four kids were born I witnessed, in those first hours, tiny hints of what their beautiful little personalities would be. Jesse, wide eyed from the very first minute, took in all the world with curious vigor and still does. Amy-Caroline hardly cried at all, a trait of toughness that prepared her for three older brothers. [...]

Becoming a Streaker

I have a new group of heroes. I've never met any of them, I don't know what they look like, what they do, or much of anything about them except this one thing: they are Streak Runners. I call them Streakers but happily or sadly, depending on how you look at it, they do keep their clothes on. All six hundred [...]

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